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Robyn Chamberlain

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Autumn Alder » Enamel and Silver Earrings


Alder trees thrive in conditions that most trees would be unable to handle, places like marshes, which are usually uninhabitable. This makes Alder trees rather extraordinary, with a spirit of moxie that is hard to match.


Are you the kind of person who is not afraid to step in to the unknown? Undaunted by a challenge? These earrings are calling out to you – ‘let’s go for an adventure together!’


Made with Recycled Sterling Silver!


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Autumn Alder » Silver and Enamel Earrings

110,50 € Standardpreis
82,88 €Sonderpreis
    • 100% recycled Sterling Silver (nickel-free)
    • Enamel (lead-free)
    • Copper (surface the enamel is fused to)
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