Hand-Woven Textile work by Robyn Chamberlain

Robyn Chamberlain

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Checkered Daydream » Organic Handwoven Scarf


This one-of-a-kind scarf was lovingly woven using organic cotton/linen and 100% hand-dyed merino wool. The geometric pattern used is engaging, but not overwhelming. Its charm lies in the wonderful effect produced by each side of the scarf being the exact opposite of the other. This creates a lighter side that accentuates the warp threads and a darker side that shows of the lovely hand-painted weft.


Made with 100% organic fibres

100% Handwoven

Animal friendly wool

Checkered Daydream » Organic Handwoven Scarf

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  • ♡ Made with 100% organic/animal friendly fibres ♡

    • Organic Cotton
    • Organic Linen
    • Hand-painted Merino Wool
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