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Equilibrium » Sterling Silver and Cubic Zirconia Ring


Effortlessly elegant. This sophisticated design is such a lovely addition to any outfit. Graceful silver lines and the alluring sparkle of a cubic zirconia make this a piece that will easily stand the test of time.


Made with 100% recycled sterling silver

≡ Stackable! This piece can be combined with other Equilibrium Rings


* Note - this is the listing for the Amethyst and Silver ring, the other rings depicted in some of the photos are available separately. They are only pictured here to show the how the Equilibrium Rings can be combined when worn.

Equilibrium » Sterling Silver and Cubic Zirconia Ring

71,50 €Preis
    • 100% recycled Sterling Silver (nickel-free)

    • Cubic Zirconia (Lab-made)

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