Hand-Woven Textile work by Robyn Chamberlain

Robyn Chamberlain

Goldschmiedin und Handweberin

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Mix of Sun and Cloud » Organic Handwoven Scarf


This light and luxurious scarf has a weft of 100% hand-dyed baby merino wool that is soft to the touch and stunning to look at. The slight variegation in the merino coupled with the three bands of colour in the warp create a unique and visually pleasing piece. It is a terrific way to spice up an outfit without being overly warm.


Made with organic fibres

100% Handwoven

☮ Animal friendly wool

Mix of Sun and Cloud » Organic Handwoven Scarf

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  • ♡ Made with 100% organic/animal friendly fibres

    • Organic Cotton
    • Organic Linen
    • Hand-dyed Baby Merino Wool
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