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Sanctuary » 18k Yellow Gold and Fire Opal Earrings


The ultimate crowd pleaser.

These beauties radiate with elegance and style. The design is classic, however the stone is anything but commonplace. The vibrant orange of the Mexican fire opal is all about making a bold statement. Combined with the lovely 18k yellow gold geometric lines, this piece transforms into a must-have for anyone looking for a piece accentuate their brilliant personality!


💎 Ethically sourced gemstones 💎


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Sanctuary » 18k Yellow Gold and Fire Opal Earrings

520,00 €Preis
    • 585 (18k) Yellow Gold

    • 333 (9k) Yellow Gold Post and Backs (ethically sourced)

    • Mexican Fire Opal (Fairtrade)

    *Mexican Fire Opal is a beautiful stone that is softer than most stones used in jewellery pieces. Therefore, please be sure to take extra care when wearing and cleaning the piece. All chemicals cleaners must be AVOIDED to ensure the stone retains its beauty.

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