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Robyn Chamberlain

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Autumn Alder » Enamel and Silver Necklace


The Alder tree is associated with secrecy as well as fortitude. Alders are usually found in the parts of forest that people are less inclined to enter – the places where bandits and thieves reside (according to folklore). But this is just because Alders are prone to growing in very inhospitable places, where most people are not inclined to wander.


So if you know anyone with an adventurous and persevering spirit, this necklace would highlight their personality.


Made with Recycled Sterling Silver!


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Autumn Alder » Silver and Enamel Necklace

92,50 € Standardpreis
69,38 €Sonderpreis
    • 100% recycled Sterling Silver (nickel-free)
    • Enamel (lead free)
    • Copper (surface the enamel is fused to)
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